My Work


Through the course of employment, freelance and contract projects, self-guided work, and school projects; I have gained numerous assets to enhance my graphic design skills. These skills help me to create beautiful work that aids clients to enhance their market share.

Asset Creation

Whether creating vector art with Illustrator or manipulating a raster file with PhotoShop, I know which tool is right for the job and how it is best used. Plus my work always looks fantastic!


No matter if your project is a business card, tri-fold brochure, or a much larger project; arranging the information in a visually appealing way while still getting the message across is yet another feather in my cap. Want to make sure you business card isn’t tossed or your catalog is more than junk mail? Give me a shout!


Pre-Press skills may be something that is not seen by a client, but is crucial to having a great product to hand-off at the end of a project. My files are ready to go at print time and configured in such a way that the printer has little to do save “hit print”.


Where I excel is my production abilities. I work quickly and efficiently. Given a design, I can crank out print-ready files quicker than you can say Mississippi.


Need a Web Designer or Photographer?

Along with being an excellent print designer, I also create websites and dabble in photography. I have created sites for small businesses, non-profit organizations, and just for fun.

Photography started as a hobby. Now, I work in photography projects as much as possible. I have shot portraits and events. My real passion is sports photography.

Web Design

My speciality is creating websites using WordPress as a content management system. More recently, all my sites are built with mobile considered first and being responsive to look great on devices and screens of all sizes. Ease of editing the site content is of utmost importance. Most of my clients choose to maintain their sites once they are completed.


What started as a hobby, turned into paying gigs. For many years, I have been a hobbyist photographer. With the rise of the DSLR, my skills improved dramatically when I could start seeing my work immediately. As an avid cycling fan, I started taking photos at local cycling races. Having a baby also ignited my will to learn the art of portrait photography. These two passions launched a handful of paying jobs, and I am always on the lookout for more.