Bristol Rhythm & Roots

My wife and I found a great festival about a 3 hour drive from our house. It is located in Bristol TN/VA. Yep, the state line runs right through the middle of the festival. Part of the time you are in Tennessee and part of the time you are in Virginia. Doesn’t matter much to me. The music is great in both states.

I took along my trusty Canon AE-1 to test it out a little more. I took a roll of color film, and got a handful of decent images. All of the images seemed to be slightly underexposed. User error I am sure. I edited the photos in Photoshop to get the best possible images out of what I have.

Emily listening to a band
Emily’s parents relaxing at the hotel before heading to the venue
Abbie and Laurie from Red Molly at the Paramount Theater
Abbie, Laurie and Molly from Red Molly at the Paramount Theater.
Paramount Theater
Paramount Theater (same image as above – edited to have a sepia tone)

Canon AE-1

Recently, I started taking a photography class. The class requires a completely manual SLR camera (and not a digital one!). In addition, the camera had to have a 55mm lens, a tripod, a shutter release, and a few different filters. We are shooting black & white film and learning how to develop and print our own images. 

I found a great deal on a Canon AE-1 through After a little research, this camera was new in the late 1970s. It is still in fantastic condition. I wanted to make sure it worked well before we got into the photo assignments for the class, so I shot a roll of color film I had at the house. Below are the three best off of a roll of 24 exposures.

My pup Sydney with an extremely shallow depth of field.
Lily sunning herself.
Sydney owning the couch

I had the images developed and digitized at a local photo shop. They did a pretty good job, but I tweaked them all slightly in Photoshop. Mainly, I tried to remove some of the graininess and enhance the colors.