Annie Leibovitz Pilgrimage

Currently an Annie Leibovitz exhibition is on display at the Columbia Museum of Art in Columbia, SC. Since this is a short drive from my house, my wife and I decided to go check it out this past weekend. 

The exhibit is being sponsored by the Smithsonian Institute. I am most familiar with Leibovitz’s portrait work. I know some of her best work has been featured in Rolling Stone magazine (among others I am sure). This exhibit features other (non-portraiture) work of her’s. The thread that ties the work together is that it tells the story of the USA and includes influential people in our history whether they were citizens or foreign nationals. 

Her images are rich and deep with saturated colors that range the entire spectrum. How she manages to get such deep hues with a camera are beyond my comprehension.

 As striking as all the images are, the one that stuck out with me was an image of a dead bird that had been preserved by the late Charles Darwin. There was a wide range of complementary colors in the feathers of the bird, and the detail was outstanding. You could see individual feathers on the carcass.  

It seemed a little morose that an image with a dead bird in it was my favorite, but that is how it happens sometimes I guess.  

If the exhibit visits near you, it is well worth a look. 


New Projects

This semester I am taking a class called “Computer Imagery.” It is a pretty vague title, but so far the class has been interesting to someone intrigued by the intricacies of prepress file preparation and printing.  

First & Second Project

The first two projects were connected. We were to choose a business that we thought needed an updated store front sign. Then redesign the sign in Illustrator and do a partial mock-up in Photoshop. 

Suburban Paint Signage
Suburban Paint Signage

Project 2

The biggest issue with project one was not knowing that project two was building on this and what the color limitations would be. We were introduced to Pantone Spot colors. 

For this project we were to select two spot colors and create a stationary set for the business we selected in the first project.  

After some back and forth, I decided it was best to eliminate the organic image behind the text and de-emphasize the “Paint Co” portion of the graphic element.

The lighter colors shown are tints of the chosen Pantone colors.  

suburban paint stationary set
Suburban Paint Stationary Set