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For a while now, I have subscribed to a newsletter for graphic design/creative people called Sidebar. It is great for finding new and interesting information related to design. More recently, the creator/curator of Sidebar, Sacha Greif, has released another website/newsletter called Screenings. Screenings is tailored to the same audience, but only features video content. I enjoy the videos so much, that I keep an ever-growing backlog of emails because I don’t usually have enough time to watch as new submissions come in.


As a designer/perfectionist, craftsmanship is a top priority to me. I strived to have excellent craftsmanship in my work, and I look for it in other people’s work. I think that is one of the biggest things that separates a good designer from a great designer. I also think it can help to elevate design at any level.

With that in mind, I recently viewed two separate videos that featured excellent craftsmanship. Both interestingly enough also featured hand-lettering. The first features Jake Weidmann, Master Penman. It is the shorter of the two at under 5 minutes. The second features David Smith. It is much longer. Close to 20 minutes. Both are excellent. The second can be skimmed (skip over the John Mayer talking portions), but both feature amazing bits of craftsmanship.

Master Penman – Jake Weidmann

David A. Smith – The Making of John Mayer’s “Born & Raised” Artwork

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