Editorial layout for a one page magazine ad. Need help laying out a print project? Contact Bradley Durham

Project Brief:

We were tasked with creating a mock-up advertorial like you might find in a magazine. The advertisement was to be for our state lottery, and include the lottery’s logo.


After several iterations that my professor wasn’t fond of, I found a story line he liked. In my mind the imagery fell into place when the idea for the story popped into my head. I used three images to tell the tale of a young lottery winner. Penniless in the beginning, receiving the lottery money (big check style), and finally with his fancy car and fancy women.

My favorite combination of fonts is a heavy sans-serif for headlines and a nicely structured and spaced serif font for the copy. In this instance, I used League Gothic for the headlines. For the copy, I wanted a relatively closely tracked typeface with a short x-height. Minion Pro seemed to fit the bill nicely.

This particular solution was rejected by my professor. I like the simplicity of it, and the way the image tells the story without having to have a great deal of copy to flesh out the story.
Editorial Design of a one page advertisement. Could be used in a magazine layout. Layout expert Bradley Durham can help with all your needs.

Initial sketches for the advertorial project.