ATM Wrap Design – Louisiana Credit Union League

louisiana credit union league atm wrap design mockup
ATM Worldwide asked to have an ATM wrap designed for an upcoming event that was being presented by the Louisiana Credit Union League. The wrap was to focus solely on the Louisiana Credit Union League and their mission.

After researching what their mission was, I determined that this was a multi-faceted organization that sought to bring together folks who work in the Louisiana credit union industry. With this in mind, I started brainstorming how to best convey that message graphically.

  • The Design

    The approach I settled on was to use the colors from the league’s logo and create a design that paid homage to a faceted gem stone. After some trial and error, I settled on using shades of blue mainly with a little bit of white and grey thrown in for good measure. The gem stone effect was achieved by using overlapping triangular shapes of various colors, blending modes and opacities.

    I also felt as though the design needed a human aspect. After all the league does focus on bringing people together. I found an image that seemed to portray smartly dressed professional people in a networking environment. My intent was to incorporate this image so that the image seemed to be birthed from the crystal. Overlapping the triangles with the photo and using linear gradients and various blending modes helped to achieve this effect.

  • Results

    Rarely is a piece of design work accepted without revisions. This was one of the those rare pieces. Both the client and I felt as though the design was a success. Some weeks after the initial design, I received an email (excerpt shown below). Apparently, ATM Worldwide and the Louisiana Credit Union League used my design to initiate a partnership that offers similar services to the members of the league.

    louisiana credit union league email

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