Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz Poster

Project Brief:

Create a movie poster with the main focus being on the typography. 


One of my favorite movies is Hot Fuzz. It is a police spoof movie set in England. 

I did quite a bit of research about police badges in the movie and in England. The badge in used in the movie was pretty nondescript. I decided to create badge similar to what the Metropolitan Police in London wear, but I changed out the center item for a swan. I picked the swan as a tongue in cheek reference to happenings in the movie. 

The quote is an actual quote from the movie that is a quote from the movie Bad Boys. I thought it was in keeping with the humor and nature of the movie. 

With the intricate detailing on the badge, I decided to keep the text really straightforward and simple. I used a nice bold readable font of the typeface Gill Sans. Not as overused as Helvetica, but in keeping with the nice aspects of a typeface like Helvetica. 

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