Jamon Meredith Logo and Poster Design

As part of an ongoing project with Wyatt Sports Academy, I was asked to create a logo and event poster for an upcoming clinic. Jamon Meredith is the star of the camp. Mr. Meredith played college football for University of South Carolina, and has played for several NFL teams, most recently Tennessee Titans.

The Solution

Jamon Meredith Logo created for a Wyatt Sports Academy Football ClinicLogo

Based on the fact that Mr. Meredith played college ball at USC and given that most people are always loyal to their college (especially where football is concerned in the Southeast!), I decided early on to use USC’s colors in the logo. Mr. Meredith is an Offensive Tackle. I anted to portray the fact that is part of the protectors of the offense. A shield seemed an obvious choice.


Alternate Configurations

Jamon Meredith Flyer - Need help with promotional materials for your event? Contact Bradley DurhamPoster

Wyatt Sports Academy supplied the imagery and copy to be used in the poster. The poster was to only be used online, so image resolution wasn’t a key concern. However, the final image needed to be square so that the image could be easily posted to Wyatt Sports Academy’s Instagram account.

Using InDesign, I created the layout. The clinic’s tagline is “We don’t make the machines, but we fine tune them.” I used that as inspiration for using pistons as the underlying imagery.