PhotoShop Ad

PhotoShop Ad - Two Page Spread

Project Brief:

Create a poster/advertisement for the current release of Photoshop. The size was to be 11×17, and printed on glossy paper. According to the brief, Photoshop CS6 (also known as Version 13) was to be given a treatment that resembled or referenced the periodic table of the elements. 


In my brainstorming, I reduced the idea of elements to be just the basic environmental elements: earth, wind and fire. After several iterations, I landed on what would become my final design. The toughest element to portray was wind. I incorporated that in two ways:  1. the wave atop the Photoshop logo and 2. the tornado ripping through the other packages. The fire element is fairly obvious. As is the grass that represents “Earth.” 

My final idea was to emphasize the stylized Photoshop logo and show the tornado ripping through the packages of the older editions to show how the new version would blow the others away. A slight gradient was put around the Photoshop logo to draw the eye. To further emphasize the logo, I made all the other elements “point” in the direction of the logo and put it on the left so when you viewed the ad as a two page spread in a magazine it would be revealed by turning the page.